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MM4 Receiving

MM4 Receiving collects important information about your ingredient shipments and makes certain they are routed to the correct bin or warehouse location.

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Beta Raven MM4 Receiving
  • Receiving Automation Process Image
  • Receiving Automation Process

    This screenshot shows the product coming from the truck or rail, through the proper routes, and into its assigned destination. It also shows key information such as motor loads, bearing temperatures and weight. MM4 Receiving can be set up for your specific requirements and equipment, with labeling and color-coding that easily conveys the information you need.

    Standard Features:

    • Can import purchase orders from a corporate system
    • Collects receipt data, which can be exported to a corporate system
    • Collects traceability data, which can be used to recall product found to have been made from a bad shipment
    • Ingredient bin assignments are managed to prevent an operator from routing a shipment to the wrong bin

    Optional Features:

    • Manages conveyors, elevators and other equipment to automatically route to correct ingredient bins
    • Locks bin lids to prevent ingredients from being placed in the wrong bin

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    At Beta Raven, we take pride in providing the very best customer service. Our service technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With remote service access, our technicians are able to connect to your system to find and correct any performance issues, eliminating costly service trips. We offer a variety of service plans to meet your operational needs.