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Steam Flaking


When it comes to flaking, size really does matter. Whether it’s corn or barley, milo or wheat, our equipment and applications expertise make our steam-flaking systems the best choice in the industry. Designed for efficiency and built for performance, our flakers are the most heavy-duty and highest-capacity machines in the industry.


Roskamp flaking mills provide the highest capacity and the most consistent flakes in the industry. Engineered to be robust, yet easy to operate and maintain, they produce the highest-quality flake. That’s because advanced features come standard on a Roskamp flaking mill. These include a pin feeder, pneumatic feed gate, and roll end-sealing devices. All components in direct contact with your product are fabricated using stainless steel, and are powered with a single-drive motor for highly efficient, simple operation.


Roskamp Champion steam chambers are designed and sized to specifically fit your unique steam-flaking application. Our one-of-a-kind steam inlet design ensures uniform flow and low-velocity, high-volume steam addition. The vertical, inversely tapered design allows for grain expansion, and the smooth, obstruction-free interior allows for uniform conditioning. Available in a wide range of heights and diameters, we have a steam-flaking solution to meet your specific space requirements.

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